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Sunday, July 8th 2012

11:09 PM

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Related article: Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2004 15:30:16 preteen pedo portal -0800 (PST) From: JMH Subject: Circle the Noun chapter 18Robert and Josh were the list preteens models last preteen model rachel children naturist preteen to arrive at the house from the hospital, carrying a hand written note from Glenn for Kyle. Everyone then sat around the table, Robert at one end and Kyle at the other. On Robert's left were Josh, Mike, Patrick, Dan and Greg. On his left were Terry, David, Nathan, and Philip, Scott and Ashley.David seemed extraordinarily happy, Nathan looked nervous while Philip would glare at David whenever he was sure Nathan was preteens beautiful pussy not looking. Robert elbowed Josh and pointed his fork at the little drama being performed."It seems your son has made his choice," Robert whispered in Josh's ear."What do you mean?" Josh said between bites of potato salad."It looks like Nate made up his mind and picked David," Robert grinned."I noticed the same," Mike jumped in, his face beaming. Seeing his son and Nathan together was a dream come true for him."Well Josh, I know you were hoping for something different but I think Nathan made the right choice," Robert said, seeing the look of worry grow on Josh's face."He's right," Mike added. "My David will treat your Nathan right.""He has too many advantages," Josh sighed."What do you mean?" Mike asked."How can my son tell your David that he does not love him? They've been brothers for years. Of course my son loves David," Josh said under his breath."And is there something wrong with that!" Mike said, not keeping his voice at the whisper Josh had been using. "Mike, there is nothing wrong with it," Robert said in a vain attempt to calm the situation."Well Josh seems to think so!""I just want my son free to make his own choice!" Josh blared out."And you feel that he is not making a choice with David... that he is taking the easy way out.""Yes...""Well the same could be said about preteen naturist nude you and Robert... childhood lovers and all!""Dad!" David shouted to calm his father."What... I'm just trying to protect you?" Mike almost shouted at his son."Dad... uncle Josh is right! I have all preteen naturist nude the advantages. I know what Nate likes and dislikes. I know what makes him happy and sad. How can anyone get closer to him as I am right now? Uncle Josh... I love Nate, I want not just to be his boyfriend but his husband someday. I want what you and Robert should have always had. Some things are a matter of choice, others of fate. For me being with Nate is my fate. For Nathan though, he has a choice. Nate hasn't dated much... in that you're right, accepting me is the easy choice but with me he will never have to worry about being dumped, betrayed, or as much as I can hurt him.""He needs to learn though," Josh sighed."What it feels like not to be with the one you preteens paysites portal love? What it feels like to have a broken heart?""No..." Josh admitted. "I just want my son to know why he is in love. I want it to be a real love... not some twisted form of brotherly love.""I know dad... that movie preteen porno is why I'm trying to just "date" David," Nathan finally spoke up. "I need to find out what it is I feel for him."It was then that Josh really said what was bothering him. "Nate... what about the kids you want to have?""I know dad... that is why I have not dated anyone. I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I will not be faithful... that one day I would prefer a wife to a husband. I want to be able to pick just one person and stay with that person forever. I hate being both gay and straight," Nathan cried, walking over to his father's side of the table so his dad could embrace him."You're afraid of making a mistake.""I feel whoever I fall in love with it will be a mistake.""Then you need to decide Nate. You need to choose what makes you happy but for that you need experience. I can't remember the last time you brought a girlfriend home.""Do you want me to be straight... cause dad I just can't be bi... I can't do that to someone.""I know Nate," Josh rocked his son. "I smile preteen russia want you to do whatever will bring you happiness. If that means building a life with David, I will be very happy for you. If it means marrying a cute girl I will also be happy for you. If it means you find a different guy who makes you happy I will be happy for you. The point is Nate; I will accept you regardless of how you turn out. I just know how hard this is for you, Nate.""I know dad," Nathan sighed as he relaxed in his father's arms."David... the reason I have been against you falling in love with Nate is that I know how confused my son is. I also have noticed how much you have loved him. I didn't want you to fall in love with Nate with him unable to commit to you. filipina preteen nudes How would any of us face each other knowing how hurt both you and my son were as a result of sexi preteens a failed relationship? I just wanted to keep the family together.""Thank you uncle Josh... I thought..." David tried to say."That I didn't like you. David you are just another one of my sons. I love all of you. I just don't want you to hurt each other.""It is a risk I'm willing to make," David replied sincerely."I know," Josh said as he offered one of his arms children naturist preteen to David.David walked over and joined in the hug with Nathan and Josh. Mike soon added his arms as he embraced the shoulders of Nate and his son, giving Josh a friendly wink. The hug then expanded to include everyone at the table with Greg dragging Scott along with him.After all that emotions a chocolate dessert was in order, but instead of eating it at the table everyone european preteens naked spread out around the house to have small conversations. Robert, Terry and Kyle stayed in the kitchen. Mike and Josh talked in the living room to clear the air between them. Ashley went to her bedroom. David, Nate, and Philip went to the guest room to talk. This left Scott and bbs sexo preteen Greg who went out to the patio to eat their ice cream. "Man... your family preteens paysites portal is so different from mine.""Sorry you saw that. We usually don't have such intense conversations at the dinner table.""No... it's cool... all that hugging at the end. Whenever there is a fight at our house something gets broken, the sink fills up with empty liquor bottles, and a few beds go un-slept in as half of them go out on revenge dates at the baths. No... what I saw was how a family should really work... talk things out with everyone being friends at the end.""Ok..." Greg gulped. He now lived under the same roof as Scott. He didn't think he would enjoy their way of handling family conflict."I can't see why you father left a guy like Josh... he seems so concerned about everyone's happiness.""Well you know the guy sitting at the head of the table next to him.""Yeah... the big guy.""Well he is uncle Robert. He and uncle Josh are well... very close.""Oh... so they were sleeping together.""Nope.. they would snuggle, hug, and sometimes kiss each other on the check but they didn't sleep together.""Oh... then why did your dad have such a problem?""Well think about it... how would you feel knowing that your husband loves someone else living in the same house as you.""I guess but if I were Andrew I would have let them fuck... it's all good.""Speaking of that..." Greg said nervously. "What about us and your jock friends?""What do you mean?""Well if we are dating do you think you should still play the role of team mascot?""It doesn't mean anything Greg," Scott sighed. " I don't love any of them... it's just clean fun.""I know it doesn't mean anything to you Scott but it does to me.""I'm sorry hon..." Scott said as he hugged Greg. "How about I limit my team sucking to victories and I give up fucking.""Scott..." Greg sighed."Come on... it's a tradition and it's only for this year. After that, it will just be you and me."Greg wanted to say no but he was afraid if he said so, he would lose Scott and the new feeling of being wanted by another man. So, against better judgment Greg nodded his head.*****************************************************"You know I care about you Nate..." Philip said while he Nathan and David laid on the bed with Nathan in the middle."I know," Nathan sighed."I just don't think I stand a chance against David. He is willing to give up more then I am in ways of seeing other people. I see he is more in love with you then I am. I'm just an intruder.""Philip... you're not an intruder," Nathan insisted."Well I'm not your boyfriend," Philip replied."I'm sorry...""You shouldn't be. You have to follow your heart. Me, I guess I just pick the wrong people to fall in love with.""No... you're wrong Philip," David spoke up. "Nate was a good person to fall in love with.""Yeah... but things won't work out between us.""But you gained a friend... two friends," David grinned."Much good that will do me," Philip frowned."Hey... I don't know what kind of friends you have had but David and me tend to be very good preteen castle ones," Nathan said as he elbowed Philip into a grin."Well if I can't sleep with ya'll how about a friendly cuddle ever now and then," Philip said as he rested his head on Nathan's chest"That would be more then fine," Nathan said as he ran his finger preteen models nudist through Philip short black hair."Yeah... who knows... we might want to do a threesome some time," David surprised himself in saying."A threesome!" Nathan japanese preteen erotic said shocked."A threesome!" Philip said with enthusiasm. "I think I can go for that.""How about it Nate?" David preteens beautiful pussy said as he began unbuttoning Nathan's shirt. "But I though you wanted us to be monogamous," Nathan said confused."I do... at least I want to be involved with any sex you have," David corrected himself."Why the change?" Nathan stumbled in saying as he felt Philip work his pants off."Because Nate... I know I have you now. You're more then my boyfriend... more then my lover... you are my soul mate," David declared. "No guy is ever going preteens hot bodys to come between you and me.""You hope!" Nathan laughed."Oh... I know!" David laughed as he began undressing himself."Really...?" Nathan laughed at David's cockiness."Oh yes babe... when you told me that you pick me... no offense Philip... but it felt like fate. I got you now and no one is going to take you away from me.""But I'm bi," Nathan said worried."So... if you want to sleep with a woman to have a child, I'm fine with that, just so long as the ring on your finger matches mine.""I guess I can be the best man," Philip laughed as he got off the bed to undress."No... you're going to be the best butt buddy!" David grinned.Now that David knew that between them Nathan had picked him over Philip, David was feeling cocky about his hold on Nathan. David felt his biggest challenge would have been to get preteens spy pics Nathan to love him the way he did. He now had that. Any jealousy David had of Philip went away with Nathan preteens teens gallery breaking up with him. Having a threesome was just David's way of proving to himself that Nathan was his.Soon all three of them were naked, Nathan lying in the middle of the bed. David japanese preteen erotic sat down on Nate's chest, waving his cock in front of Nathan's mouth. Philip was on his belly, between Nathan's legs sucking away at his cock while his free hand massaged David's ass."Are you ready for it?" David grinned as european preteens naked he rubbed movie preteen porno the mushroom head of his eight inches against Nathan's lips. "Come on babe... just try licking it... play with it with your tongue."Nathan laughed as he flicked his tongue on David's cock until he got the courage to take in the first two inches in his mouth. David lifted up the back of Nathan's head while moving his body forward, moving more of his cock down Nathan's throat.By the fourth inch, Nathan gagged and David pulled out before Nathan bit down too hard. David waited till Nathan caught his breath before going at it again. preteen naturist nude This time he was able to get five inches in before Nathan coughed it up."Too much?" David asked with as much concern a very horny 18 year old could have."Yes," Nathan coughed."Ok... we'll keep it small," David grinned.When they tried it again, David only put in three inches this time but instead of leaving it in, he thrust his hips back pulling all but the very tip of the head from Nathan's mouth before thrusting back in till four inches were in."Cover your teeth with your lips," David recommended after feeling Nathan's rake his dick.After Nate curled his lips in to cover his teeth, David went at it again, picking up a good rhythm until he was practically fucking Nathan's mouth. It was then that David got a surprise of his own. While Philip continued to suck Nate off, he had work his hand near David's spread ass. He played with David's hole a little, tickling it with his index finger. David, so concentrated on what Nathan's mouth was doing to his cock didn't seem to notice.It was what Philip did next that got David's attention. Philip let Nathan's cock fallout of his mouth long enough for him to wet his fingers. Right when David thrust back out of Nathan's mouth Philip's finger was ready, sliding easily into David's tight hole."What!" David panicked as he nearly jumped off Nathan's chest."Gotcha," Philip laughed."Why did you do that?" David demanded."Well your ass was spread apart like a target so I could not help myself. I also wanted a turn teaching Nathan the art of the 69.""Fine with me... just keep your fingers out of my ass," David said as he got off Nathan's chest."Hey Nate... want to learn how to finger a guy while sucking another person off?" Philip grinned evilly at David."Oh no!" David said fearing a trap."Why not?" Nathan laughed...seeing where things were headed."Well I think that David would make a good practice candidate," Philip suggested."Sure... if David is up to it," Nathan said with arched eyebrows."No... nothing is going up my ass," David said as he got off the bed."Nate?" Philip grinned, turning things over to him."David... you do love... me don't you?" Nathan said in a sultry yet comical voice."Yes I do... with all my heart," David couldn't help but laugh."And you do want to fuck me one day.""I prefer the term... making love to your hole... but yeah.""Then I think I need to have an idea of what you plan to do to me.""You mean I have to let you fuck me," David said with dread."Make love to your hole," Nathan laughed."But I'm the top..." David pouted."You just think you are... but it's all up to you. You can let me finger your ass and in return finger mine or you can just accept the fact that you will never "get" my bum.""...Only one finger," David said after much internal debate."Two!" Philip laughed."Two," Nathan repeated."Dang..." David moaned but came back to the bed.As Philip and Nathan were near the same height all they had to do to reach each other's cocks was have Nathan lay on top of Philip. David laid down on his side so his ass was in easy reach of Nathan's left hand."Ok Nate, lick your fingers and wet the hole with them. When that is done then Push in your index finger past the ring muscle until you have the second knuckle in. Then, wiggle the finger about and push in the final knuckle. Push in and out a few times.""Ok..." Nathan said as he listened."On man I don't believe I'm doing this," David moaned."Don't worry Dave... you'll enjoy this," Philip laughed before continuing his lesson. "When you are ready Nate, take the one finger out and add your middle finger to it. It will be a little harder to push in at first but once you get your index finger in it is smooth sailing except now you have two fingers to work with and with two you can do a whole lot more.""Such as?" Nathan asked, curious."Well preteen cheerleader pics for one thing the middle finger is longer... you might even be able to find Dave's magic button.""His prostate?" Nathan asked."Yep... so you've heard of it?""Uncle Robert was very thorough in describing gay sex," Nathan explained."Well you will want to see if you can find sexi preteens that spot. You can also try spreading your fingers apart and give Dave's hole a nice stretch.""How about we just not do that," David begged. "And what is it with all this Dave stuff?""It's my pet name for you... we still have to pretend we are dating each other," Philip took pleasure in reminding David."How about you just call me David.""Well you have a choice... I call you Dave or Davey?""Dave..." David grunted."Ok... so what will be your pet name for me?" Philip asked now that issue was resolved."I don't have a clue...Phil?""Nah... Phil is not an endearing name. You need to call me something cuter.""Philly?""No... that makes me sound like a sandwich.""Then what do you want me to call you?" David said in frustration."Call me by my middle name... Aaron.""Ok... Aaron.""Good... now that all this is settles lets get back to the sex.""Finally?" David agreed."Oh David... feel free to finger Nate's ass while he is doing you... fair is fair.""What?" Nathan said panicked."Just get to sucking Nate or else we will never finish," David gave up.Soon none of the conversation mattered... Philip was sucking away at Nate, Nathan was busy with Philip's cock, and David was jacking himself with one hand as the other began playing with Nate's hole.David did panic a little when he felt Nathan's hand move toward the crack of his ass expecting Nathan to push right in. Instead Nathan took his time letting his finger move up and down David's sphincter, relaxing it. When Nathan finally pushed into his it was to the feeling of a little discomfort and a lot of pleasure. David surprised himself by moving his ass toward Nathan's hand, pushing the finger deeper into him. When his cock jolted, a giant grin grew on David's face... Nathan had found his magic button."Nate... can I have another?" David asked as if addressing a military officer. He didn't know if asian upskirt preteen asking ruined his self-image as a top but he was enjoying it too much. He felt a void when Nathan took his finger out of him but the pressure of Nathan trying to push two fingers into him at once soon replaced it. This time it hurt but once Nate was in it was more... fulfilling. David felt as if more of Nate preteen bikini panty was now a part of him. When Nate tried to pull his fingers apart David's body shook with the feeling.David was tempted to ask for a third finger but was worried how that would look. While David pumped his dick and Nate pumping his hole with his fingers all while Nate and Philip sucked each other off it was not a surprise that they didn't last long. Nathan shot his load first into Philip's mouth. Philip firing his wad into Nate's mouth followed this. This left David the lone unrelieved man.Nathan did not let that stand for long. Taking his fingers out and rolling on his side, Nathan swallowed a good six inches without gagging. Once he had that, he pushed David's desired three fingers up his hole, hitting David's prostate over and over till David exploded in Nathan's mouth.After that, David rolled Nathan over so he was on top of his again. The two of them smiled each preteen 13 nudist other in a knowing and loving fashion, giving each other light kisses.Philip must have felt left out as he moved preteens teens gallery over to rest his head on David's hairy ass while has hands tickled the side of David's and Josh's bodies. The three of them remained like that for a long time only ending with a knock on the door."Nate... we are heading home," Josh's voice came from the other side."Ok dad..." Nathan called back"You want to spend the night here?" Robert's jolly voice spoke up.Nathan looked at David with a questioning look. David responded with children naturist preteen a nod of his head and a kiss. "Yeah... I think I'll sleep over.""What us to take Philip back?" Josh's voice asked.David and Josh both looked to face Philip who had a sad, pleading look. "No... he's staying with us," David decided after some thought which got a whispered "thank you" from Philip."Ok... take care." Josh said goodbye."Have fun and play safe!" Robert added with a laugh."Well I think we had our fun for the night," David chuckled."Oh... I can go for another round." Philip giggled as he began to lick David's round ass. "I still have to teach ya'll the fine art of rimming.""Oh no..." Nathan protested from under David.David thought about it for a second and found he liked the idea of a wet muscle licking and pressing against his hole. He also liked the idea of doing the same to Nate. The preteen model phpto picture he was forming in his mind was giving him a hardon. "Oh yes babe! You got to finger me so now it's my turn and I want to lick your ass!" David grinned as the whole process was started all over again.******************************************************"Welcome to the bedroom!" Scott said with some pride as he led Greg in. The walls were decorated with posters of underwear models both male and female. The bed was a full king size with a black comforter and red silk sheets. It definitely looked like someone's love nest. As soon as the door was closed, Scott began to undress down to list preteens models nothing. He then went preteens beautiful pussy to his dresser and took out the whitest pair of briefs Greg had ever seen."Want to join me?" Scott asked as he climbed on top of the bed.Seeing the wide grin on Scott's face Greg thought it would be stupid for him not to. Greg stripped down to the red jock he still had bbs preteens forum from earlier. Soon he was under the sheets with Scott's body wrapped around his. Greg felt like a stuffed animal by the way Scott snuggled against him, nuzzling his head against the back of Greg's neck. It was near the moment of sleep that Greg felt something wet and warm touch the back of his neck. He was too sleepy to guess what it was but it would not be the last time he would feel Scott's tears.**********************************************************For the complete series go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adultwritingworkshop/For my E-book go to http://www.keepitcoming.net/centurion.htmlFor any questions or comments email me at trandar2002yahoo.com
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